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March 25, 2021

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March 30, 2021


Call for papers
Topics include but are not limited to

Residential community intelligent system
Residential property management system
Community security
Information service
Metering charge
Home intelligent management system
Home security
Home information service
Home intelligent control
Residential area
Hospital intelligent system
Integrated wiring system
Computer network system
Digital hospital
Hospital video system
Teleconsultation system
Call system
Screen display system
Cable and satellite TV receiving system
Public address system
Closed circuit monitoring and anti-theft system
Parking management system
Building automation system
Clinical information system (CIS)
Hospital management system (HMS)
Information network system (INS)
Building equipment monitoring system (BAS)
Fire alarm system
Automatic fire alarm and fire linkage system (FAS)
Security system (SAS)
Integrated wiring system (PDS)
Intelligent system integration (ISI)
Intelligent system environment
Intelligent transportation system (ITS)
Intelligent transportation system
Intelligent vehicle road system (IVHS)
Airport, station passenger flow guidance system
Urban traffic intelligent dispatching system
Expressway intelligent dispatching system
Operation vehicle dispatch management system
Motor vehicle automatic control system
Traffic information collection system
Information processing analysis system
Information release system
Road traffic control
Public transportation command and dispatch
Highway management
Emergency management
Traffic information sharing main platform
Logistics information platform
Static traffic management system
Vehicle control system
Traffic monitoring system
Operating vehicle height management system
Travel information system
Advanced traffic information service system (ATIS)
Advanced traffic management system (ATMS)
Advanced public transportation system (APTS)
Advanced vehicle control system (AVCS)
Freight management system
Electronic toll collection system (ETC)
Emergency rescue system (EMS)
Transportation automation theory and technology of rail transit (railway, subway, urban light rail)
Train operation automatic dispatching command system
Train operation automatic control system (ATC)
Train running automatic driving system (ATO)
Train operation control system (CBTC) based on communication technology
High-speed railway train (magnetic float, wheel and rail) operation control system
Information technology
Communication technology
Control technology
Artificial intelligence technology
Safety technology
Intelligent vehicle positioning and navigation technology
Safe driving assistance system
Optimization of traffic control management
Passenger information guide system
Artificial intelligence
Cloud service
Cyber security
Smart robot
Intelligent thinking
Human-machine fusion
Big data and artificial intelligence
Data mining
Human-machine fusion
Machine learning
Artificial neural networks
Deep learning
Super management
Data collection
Data storage
Data processing
Super computing security
Supercomputing application
Electronic Science and Technology
Physical electronics
Electromagnetic field and microwave technology
Circuits and systems
Microelectronics and solid State electronics
Information and communication engineering
Control science and engineering
Computer science and technology
Network and communication
Information security
Software and database technology
Artificial intelligence
Graphic image and pattern recognition
Software engineering
Network engineering
Electronic information engineering
Electronic information science and technology
Information engineering
Information science and technology
Information display and photoelectric technology
Information and communication engineering
Integrated circuit design and systems integration
Photoelectric information engineering
Radio and television engineering
Film and television art
Electrical information engineering
Computer software
Intelligent science and technology
Digital media technology
Building electrical and intelligent
Electromagnetic field and wireless technology
Educational technology
Biomedical engineering
Detection guidance and control technology
Remote sensing technology
Circuits and systems
Integrated circuit engineering
Automatic control engineering
Pattern recognition and intelligent system
Communication and information system
Signal and information processing
Electronics and communication engineering
Power electronics and power drives
Photoelectric information engineering
Physical electronics
Precision instruments and machinery
Measuring and testing technologies and instruments
Quantum computer
Neural network computer
Chemical computer
Biological computer
Optical computer
Electrical engineering and automation
Power engineering and management
Electrical engineering and automation
Intelligent motor electrical equipment
Smart grid Information engineering
Light source and lighting
Film and television art
Information display and photoelectric technology
Medical imaging engineering
Biomedical engineering 
Medical information engineering
Medical device engineering prosthetic orthopedic engineering
Simulation science and technology
Optoelectronic materials and devices
Ship electrical and electronic engineering
Hydroacoustic engineering
Sensor network technology
Internet of things engineering
Smart public service
Smart city complex
Smart government city comprehensive management operation platform
Smart settlement service
Wisdom education and cultural service
Smart service application
Wisdom health security system construction
Smart traffic
Smart logistics system
Smart manufacturing system
Smart trade system
Smart energy application system
Smart public service
Smart social management system
Smart transportation system
Smart health protection system
Smart settlement service system
Smart culture service system
Network remote control
Network remote control technology
Remote wake-up control technology
Remote screen monitoring technology
Remote shutdown technology
Network remote control server program implementation process
Network remote control master network
Network remote control controlled network system
Network remote control communication protocol
Network remote control enterprise environment application
Network remote control resident life application
Network remote control military activity application

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