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There are many ways to get to Shanghai, such as airplanes, trains, buses, etc. It is easy to get to Shanghai from any city.

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It is convenient, fast and cheap to recommend subway or bus travel in Shanghai.



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Duolun Road Cultural Celebrity
Then you can go to Duolun Road Cultural Celebrity Street. This is a small street in Shanghai. There are retro small buildings and character sculptures everywhere along the road. Lu Xun, Mao Dun, Guo Moruo and many other writers have lived here. There is also a very famous old movie cafe on Duolun Road, which reveals the "old Shanghai feeling" of Zhang Ailing's era.
Sinan Mansion
Next, you can go to the Sinan Mansion. There are 51 historic garden houses, and there are a variety of architectural styles such as independent garden houses, porch-style buildings and gardens. It used to be the gathering place of Shanghai's upper class. Zhou Enlai, Liu Yazi, Mei Lanfang and other celebrities have lived here.
Qibao Town
If you still have time, you can go to Qibao Town. It was built in the Northern Song Dynasty and is 5 kilometers away from the central area of Shanghai. It is an ancient town of Jiangnan that integrates sightseeing, dining and leisure. Qibao Old Street retains the characteristics of Jiangnan Water Town in the metropolis, showing a new and quaint cultural atmosphere, which has already won the scene in Shanghai.
Garden Bridge of Shanghai
First of all, you can go to Garden Bridge of Shanghai. It is the largest steel bridge in Shanghai. The Garden Bridge of Shanghai has a history of 100 years, carrying the history and culture of the old Shanghai, and witnessing the rapid changes of the new Shanghai, which can be seen in many old Shanghai TV series.
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