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Computer intelligence is to require computers to simulate human feelings and thinking skills, and is also the goal of the fifth generation of computers. The most representative areas of intelligent research are expert systems and robotics. Future computers will be the result of a combination of microelectronics, optical, superconducting and electronic bionics. Intelligent system refers to the intelligent collection of applications for a certain aspect, which is a collection of modern communication and information technology, computer network technology, industry technology and intelligent control technology. With the continuous development of information technology, its technical content and The complexity is getting higher and higher, and the concept of intelligence is gradually infiltrating into all walks of life and all aspects of our lives. Intelligent residential communities have emerged, and smart hospitals have been developed based on intelligent buildings. It should include an intelligent transportation system. Network remote control uses one computer to remotely control another computer. In this control process, TCP/IP protocol network data communication is used as the basis, and it runs in the control computer and the controlled computer to ensure network communication and other functions. Can be achieved smoothly. 

2021 International Conference on Computer Intelligent Systems and Network Remote Control (CISNRC 2021) will be held in Shanghai, China from October 30-31, 2021. Teachers and students from related fields are welcome to contribute.


Accepted papers which meet the conference requirements would be published by the international famous publishing house and submitted to EI-Compendex, CPCI(ISTP) for indexing.

Instructions for Authors:

1. The article must be in English, not plagiarized, and no more than one manuscript;

2. All papers will be reviewed by 2-3 peer reviewers, and the review period is about 1-5 days;

3. The General Assembly follows the principle of “submission first, first review, 

    first submission” and publishes in batches.

4. For accepted papers, one registration covers 4 pages including tables, figures and 

    references, and additional pages will be charged at 50 USD or 200 RMB per Page.

5. Please submit your papers to official email:

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